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We focus on your business challenges to deliver targeted, actionable strategies without all the corporate babble. We operate at the intersection of workforce strategy, communication, change management and technology, delivering integrated, end to end solutions for customers of all sizes.

We aren’t your typical professional services consultancy – we will deliver what you need, when you need it. We roll our sleeves up and get into your business – enabling us to deliver the outcomes you need, quickly! As the saying goes, with great experience comes great responsibility – and we believe it’s our mission to help businesses reach their potential.

With practical strategies, deep and broad experience across a number of industries and sectors, and a deep understanding of what makes leaders tick, we are exceptionally well placed to partner with you and your teams to help you achieve your business dreams.

Just like *real* ninjas, we are agile, flexible and will help you use all the tools at your disposal to get the outcomes you deserve. And our Ninjas (that’s what we call our people) would love to meet up and discuss your challenges over a coffee. Our shout.

  • Nimble

    Just like real ninjas, we are fast, nimble and can get started quickly without getting caught up in red tape and process

  • Practical

    With proven experience in a range of services, we deliver you practical solutions backed by tried and tested examples.

  • Connected

    WIth partners around Australia, we can offer you the right consultants for your engagement.

  • Passionate

    We love what we do and do what we love. You won't find more passionate people consultants than us!

Re-Imagi Beckon Consulting

we deliver

a range of services aligning to four key areas

Strategy is a critical component of a successful organisation. Find your direction and true north with smart business, organisation, people and customer strategies. Create your platform for employee alignment, engagement and performance.


Are your employees as engaged as they could be? Do you equip them with the right skills, equipment and information to empower them to go above and beyond? Our people stream offers a range of services to help you build an engaged and motivated workforce.


The workplace is no longer somewhere that employees go to do work. Their workplace is now anywhere, anytime. Your office needs to provide opportunities for collaboration, free-thinking, engagement and inspiration. We can help!


Introducing new technology is more than the flick of a switch. Providing your employees with the why, what and importantly, how and when to use each of your tools can make a significant difference in productivity and collaborative capability with your business.

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