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Working Out Loud

International Working Out Loud week is being held from 16 November – 21 November.

During Working Out Loud Week (or #WOLweek), people from all walks to life, different sectors and industries narrate their work, you got it, out loud. The sharing happens across channels – whether it’s inside your organisation’s enterprise social network, or publicly via Twitter, LinkedIn or Medium.com.

Ultimately, #WOLWeek creates opportunities for individuals to connect with others, both inside their organisation, and outside.

Five steps to WOL

John Stepper, Managing Director Collaboration in the Deutsche Bank, explains the five steps of working out loud:

  1. Making your work visible
  2. Making work better
  3. Leading with generosity
  4. Building a social network
  5. Making it all purposeful

You can read John’s full article here -> http://johnstepper.com/2014/01/04/the-5-elements-of-working-out-loud/

Working Out Loud allows you to describe, respond, solve and celebrate.  It can be a bit daunting at first, but once you’ve given it a go (be brave and see what happens), and helped formulate new solutions and curated new connections, you’ll see what all the fuss is about.   It works.  It can trigger collaborative revolutions inside your organisation, unlocking the potential of your workforce to work like a network and drive better business performance.

Useful links

If you need a hand getting started, check out WOL Week co-founder Simon Terry’s interview all about WOL Week.  He shares some excellent tips on how to get started.

Read more about International Working Out Loud Week -> https://wolweek.wordpress.com/

Culture Ninjas will be sharing their #WOLWeek experiences on our website, Twitter (@cultureninjas) and via Medium.com where our Chief Ninja, will share the week’s adventures, lessons and key events.

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