Yammer? Slack? Hipchat? Say what?

A few months ago, I wrote a post based on my experiences at a speed networking event at a Queensland chapter of the IABC (that’s the International Association of Business Communicators) and the importance of organisational structure for communicators inside organisations.  I came across a few key trends that I reflected on (you can read the post here).   group-of-female-students-and-their-teacherBut there was one thing that stuck in my mind and I’ve been percolating away on it past few months. It was about enterprise social collaboration or networking.  It was the lack of awareness and understanding in the communications profession (general speaking) about the value enterprise social networking tools can unleash inside organisations. When I spoke about my experiences with Yammer I was greeted with the response “Oh.  What’s that?”

Those that personally know me and my work know that I’m passionate about connecting people together.  Technology greatly supports this in a lot of instances, when there is clear alignment between a business challenge and the user adoption process. Enterprise social brings these two ingredients together.  When done well.

When we talk to customers, peers in the industry and my fellow collaboration fanatics, I hear about a range of raging success stories, and horror stories. But more often than not we hear “oh, I think we tried that. It was a flop”.

So, being curious creatures, Culture Ninjas is keen to get to the bottom of the good, bad and ugly of your organisational enterprise social success, failures and everything in between. (And yes, we totally get that you want to keep some of the harsh lessons within the confines of your business – share what you are comfortable with!).


Let’s find the secret sauce of enterprise social success so we can help you build better, more connected organisations!

From working with a range of customers on their enterprise networking challenges, we know a high functioning enterprise network inside your organisation can build better intra-and-inter team connections, build better collaboration, lead to quicker decisions and much, much more!

In early August, we will be kicking off a piece of research – in the form of phone interviews and a short survey to get to the bottom of the challenge that communicators and HR professionals have with the introduction, nurturing and maturation of enterprise social networks.  Use Slack, HipChat, Yammer or something else – we want to know about everyone’s experiences!

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Most of the phone interviews will be centered around organisations in the Australia / New Zealand region, but feel free to reach out to us if you are interested and live elsewhere in our connected world.


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