October 30, 2015

about culture ninjas

About Culture Ninjas

Culture Ninjas is a fresh-faced people and culture consultancy based in Brisbane.

We focus on your business challenges to deliver targeted, actionable strategies without all the corporate babble. We aren’t your typical professional services consultancy – we won’t give you a watch and then ask you the time.

We roll our sleeves up and get into your business – enabling us to deliver the outcomes you need, quickly!

As the saying goes, with great experience comes great responsibility – and we believe it’s our mission to help businesses reach their potential.


To be the very best they can be.  To create productive, engaging and energetic workplaces to enable their people to thrive.


With practical strategies, deep and broad experience across a number of industries and sectors, and a deep understanding of what makes leaders tick, we are exceptionally well placed to partner with you and your teams to help you achieve your business dreams.

Just like *real* ninjas, we are agile, flexible and will help you use all the tools at your disposal to get the outcomes you deserve. And our Ninjas (that’s what we call our people) would love to meet up and discuss your challenges over a coffee.  Our shout. Contact us today. Or join our growing community on LinkedIn or Facebook.

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So take your time.  Have a look around and shout out if you have a wicked business challenge you need help with. The Ninjas are here to help you – whether it’s by stealth (working behind the scenes) or as the face of your change.

*disclaimer: we are not real ninjas…or are we?