Re-imagining the future

The Future of Everything

Yesterday my fabulous peers and #ladybosses, Rumbi and Cat, launched an experiment into co-designing the future of, well, everything.


Introducing the Re-Imagineers. A collaborative, data-driven, future-focused think tank, dedicated to bringing together passionate people with purpose to discuss, debate and share ideas and take action on co-designed projects to make positive, sustainable change now, and in the future.

It’s working like a network, in action – bringing together people from across a diverse range of sectors, industries, demographics and geographical locations to design the possibilities of tomorrow, today. Diversity of thoughts and opinions, in action!

With topics like the future of ageing, the future of valueism and more, it’s a thought-provoking and amazing opportunity to be part of something bigger than your own patch.

Join the crew

Think you are a change maker that can and wants to affect society-wide change? Want to learn about something new, be provocative and gain insights? Well don’t dilly dally, come along and join the conversations this week, hosted online at 5pm each day (Australian Standard Time) this week and see what it’s all about.

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To dive straight in:

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