October 31, 2015

our services

At Culture Ninjas, we are focused on helping you and your leaders build a better, more connected and collaborative workplace.

We work with you, in true partnerships to get your business or organisation to where you know it can thrive and survive.  We believe culture is comprised of four strategic leavers – strategy, people, place and technology and have designed our growing service offering in line with this.

So what does that mean?

It means, that we believe if:

  • your business strategy is clearly articulated and real (not one of those plans that you do because someone tells you that you should),
  • your people understand their role and expected behaviours in executing the strategy (from the top-down and bottom-up, from the inside-out and the outside-in)
  • you have a workplace (both physical and virtual) that drives the best behaviours, collaboration and success, and
  • you have the right technology to allow your people to deliver every day for your customers…

This will lead to a higher performing business with an empowered and collaborative culture, pointing in the same direction and deliver great outcomes for your customers every day.

Improving your organisations’ drive and culture takes time.  It takes unrelenting attention. It takes patience and a willingness to experiment, pivot and try again, and again.  You will get out what you put in.

And we believe that it takes a strategic partner to help you.  To ask the bold questions.  To push the boundaries.  To unearth the insights, you can’t see. To take a deep dive into your business data. To look at what you do, how you do it and why you do it, with a different perspective.  Whether its partnering with your HR team or the executive team, we are as dedicated to your culture as you are.

There is few different ways we can help:

  • Problem solving – diagnosing fundamental cultural challenges
  • New – set ups for project teams or start ups
  • Major change – M&A, or significant structural change
  • Improvement – tinkering around the edges to drive continuous improvements

So if you are thinking about pulling one (or more!) of these strategic leavers, let’s chat and see how we can partner together.

We offer a range of integrated services:


  • Business strategy and operational planning
  • Workforce planning and strategy development
  • Internal and External Communication strategy development and implementation
  • Employee Engagement strategy development, design and implementation
  • Satisfaction survey analysis and intervention design
  • Culture strategy design


  • Change management: Best practice organisational change management practice focusing on all areas of business, people, organisational technology and process changes, using the PROSCI ADKAR methodology.
  • Engagement: Need to engage your people, or your customers? Or assistance managing a tricky stakeholder?  We can help you with your engagement process design and implementation, using a balance of analogue and digital tactics to deliver real results
  • Leadership: Want assistance in fine tuning your leaders’ approach and behaviour?  We partner with the very best in the business to bring these services to you.


  • Moving workplaces or want to get more vibe out of your current environment: We can help you design the best workplace and supporting initiatives to support your move or improvement.  We focus on interaction design and bring our technology and digital minds to this offering.


  • Focusing on business empowering and enabling-technology such as messaging applications and enterprise social, our Ninjas a range of skills and experience to bring to your business to help you drive collaboration and knock down those silos.
  • Whether you want to get better value out of your current Yammer, Skype for Business or Outlook Groups – or are looking for some technology-enabled solutions, we are here to help!
  • Need a hand getting your employees using your Enterprise Social solution? That’s our jam – we are here to help you introduce new technology solution, and enable long term user adoption and great organisational outcomes for you!