May 24, 2016

our people focus


Employees are a business or organisation’s most valued asset, and often it’s most significant ongoing investment. From small businesses operating on a lean budget, to billion dollar companies (and everyone in between!), people are the life-blood of business performance.  Nurture your people, and your business will thrive.  Neglect your people, and your business will suffer directly and indirectly, through lost opportunities, inefficiencies and high turnover. And, no one wants that!  We can help you build, improve and maintain a highly engaged workforce.

At Culture Ninjas, we focus on helping your people by offering these people-focused services:

  • Engagement and consultation
  • Change management
  • Team forming (and beyond!)
  • Productivity assessments

People engagement and consultation

We have two core programs we offer in the Engagement and Consultation services, focused on engagement within organisations and with the broader community and stakeholders.

  • The Community Connector program is our externally focused program.  In this program we focus on creating practical solution to manage complex community and stakeholder engagement challenges. In this program, we deliver on-the-ground engagement and consultation for a range of project and initiatives, from simple information sharing to complex land access and equity issues.
  • Employee Connector is our internally focussed program.  We use this program, along with our experienced facilitators, to engage with your employees and understand their challenges, opportunities, opinions and ideas on your strategy / change / technology / workplace challenges.  Being independent in this process ensures we can get honest and authentic information and attitudinal data, which results in better outcomes for your internal initiative.

Change management

Change management can be the difference between a successful project, and only that fails to deliver the best outcomes possible.  Proactive, practical and engagement change management expertise, when deployed in partnership with your project leaders, can boost your project success rates.

Using the PROSCI ADKAR change methodology, we work with you to implement change management plans for your people, technology, business, process and operation changes by:

  • Understanding the current state and desired future state
  • Developing smart plans to address the gap
  • Providing specialist advice and services when and how you need them

Team forming (and beyond)

Whether you are a new team, an old team needing a refocus, or welcoming new people into the fold, processes to support the team to understand their focus, priorities and each other is important to get to a high performance outcome.  We facilitate a range of activities as an ongoing program to work to keep you focused and pointed in the right direction by:

  • Using the Think One Team International framework and diagnostic tools to learn, align and collaborate together
  • Develop an ongoing program of workshops and workout opportunities to ensure the team has opportunities to come together and work on their relationships and focus on improvement and togetherness.
  • Re-assess and measure improvement using diagnostic tools

Productivity assessments

Helping your team work more effectively, within your team and with their customers. We focus on helping your reducing your resourcing costs (through unproductive work practices) and maximise your customer outcomes. It is estimated that presenteeism alone, costs Australian business  $34 billion per year in lost productivity and is estimated to be more costly to the economy than absenteeism.

When your employees tell you they need more resources, take a step back and ask yourself if they are constrained by inefficient business processes, unnecessary tasks or focusing on the wrong priorities.

In our productivity assessments, we:

  • Work with your leaders, teams and individuals to understand their work program, processes and practices
  • Analyse and identify potential efficiencies and capability gaps
  • Provide you with a practical action plan to make improvements!